We just realised that we’re from a different planet altogether.

The thing is, both of us founders were born before you amazing millennials walked in.

Our world was ruled by feudal lords, expressing ourselves freely is perceived as a dangerous thing, and the high level of insecurities built into us prevent us from being open and sharing stuff.

BUT…baby steps, we atleast know whats wrong, and we’re learning.

So starting today, we’re going to be changing the way we interact with our community.

Step 1: We’re dropping this belief that you are our fans, that we are these awesome beings who have brought something revolutionary to you, and its your duty to appreciate it and follow us like herds of sheep.

Step 2: We’re going to learn from every interaction with you, on how we can enable you to better experience Xcavate as a puzzle concept, have fun making stuff, sharing it with your friends and have a great time exploring it.

Step 3: We’re going to actively look out for contributions and use these as opportunities to create frameworks of participation & competition.

Based on this, we’re flagging off two initiatives:

  1. The Better Ruleset Initiative -A few people pointed out flaws in our puzzle ruleset, but we’ve always been defensive about it, claiming that what we define Xcavate to be is what it should be. Now, the Xcavate ruleset did not comply with the way chess pieces work in chess. The first ruleset included blank tiles and changed the way the bishop and rook work. Our new ruleset is better, but, it still breaks the rule that pieces block in chess.  There’s also this thought of decoupling Xcavate from chess altogether and using different pieces with different influences for hunting treasures on the board. What is the best ruleset? We don’t know. Hell, we don’t even know if we’ve come up with all possible rulesets yet, so we need your help to come up with different rulesets and explore them, so that we can implement the rules that you like the most in the puzzle and the game.
  2. The DIY Puzzle Initiative – When we started promoting Xcavate in the beginning, some of you started making your own puzzles and we thought we were the only ones who should create the puzzles. But we realise that we’re going about it the wrong way. We felt really happy when some of you contributed to Xcavate but we didn’t know how to work together with you. So pretty soon, we’re going to work on creating an Xcavate puzzle creator which you can use to make puzzles of your own and share with your friends/Facebook groups and communities.

Both these initiatives currently exist as pure thought. We’re currently in the process of arranging funds to continue our efforts, so it may take time to implement it.

But I just wanted to share these thoughts and put them out there, so that you young beings of light can lead us and show us the way.




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