A quick update from the Xcavate team.

From interactions we’ve had with chess communities, we’re now changing the Xcavate puzzle ruleset to make it more intuitive for chess fans to solve.

In case you’re new to Xcavate, the goal of the Xcavate puzzle is to eliminate positions and find the treasures hidden on the board. Each chess piece can reach the treasure in one move. The number of treasures hidden in the board is given to you.

The new rules for solving Xcavate boards are:

  1. Xcavate boards now contain only bishops, rooks and knights.
  2. All chess pieces can reach the treasure in one move, and behave exactly like chess pieces do, except:
  3. Pieces don’t block each other in Xcavate.

We’re rolling out the new puzzles starting today, and if the community response is good, we’ll reflect these rules in the game too.

We hope the new ruleset is more friendly to chess fans, and helps them enjoy the game without worrying about exceptions to chess.

Team Xcavate



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