You’ve been seeing these confusing looking puzzles and wondering what they’re about?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Go through these questions which people have asked us when they had confusions about Xcavate.

How do chess pieces move on the Xcavate board?
They don’t. They only point to treasures which they can reach in a single move.

Why is the board numbered wrong?
This, is our fault. We love chess because its a game we played while growing up, but we aren’t professionals at the game. We didn’t know that the board is numbered starting from the bottom left. We’re working on fixing this. Please bear with us.

Why do I sometimes see two kings, or two bishops on a black tile on the same board? Thats wrong!
Xcavate is based around chess, but its not chess. Since pieces on the board point to the treasure, its perfectly normal to find more than one king, more than two bishops, or bishops on the same tile color in Xcavate.

Some pieces can’t reach the treasure in a single move!
This is probably because in Xcavate, pieces don’t block each other. You may be seeing a piece as blocked and wondering how it can reach the treasure in a single move.

The treasure can sometimes be at two locations, I don’t understand how the solution is always a single location!
Again, Xcavate is just based on chess. Read the rules carefully to understand the subtle differences between Xcavate and chess. For example, in Xcavate, the bishops and rooks don’t point to treasures in adjacent tiles, and sometimes, its the blank tile that helps eliminate positions. Read them carefully, and it will help a lot, we promise!

Now that you have some context, it should help you solve Xcavate puzzles. Head over to the rules section and try out some puzzles yourself.

Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t understand something. Xcavate can be a bit confusing to learn, and your doubts will only help us understand what problems you face and address it better.

Finally, a big thank you to the chess communities out there:

Chess Learning & Diary (Int’l Page)
Chess Puzzles……..
Chess Friends

We’re glad you’re enjoying solving Xcavate puzzles. We’ll try our best to keep you entertained everyday!





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