We’re kicking off our social media promotion with a daily puzzle. If you love cracking puzzles and suduko, you’ll love solving Xcavate boards. Follow us on twitterfacebookinstagram , solve puzzles daily, challenge your friends and have fun!

But before that, read the rules!


Find the tile that contains the treasure. If the puzzle description indicates multiple treasures, find all of them.


  1. Every Xcavate Board shows a chess board which contain one or more hidden treasures.
  2. Each board contains tiles(white and green) which have been opened, some blank(shown with all chess pieces crossed with a red “X”), some containing chess pieces.
  3. Every chess piece on the Xcavate Board can reach the treasure in a single move.
  4. Unlike in chess, pieces don’t block each other in Xcavate.
  5. Rooks and bishops cannot reach adjacent tiles, unlike in chess.
  6. Every blank tile indicates that no treasure can be reached by any of the chess pieces from its position.

Ways To Find The Treasure

  • Find common tiles between multiple chess pieces
  • Eliminate tiles based on pieces missing from open tiles, e.g. a treasure can never be adjacent to a blank tile, because a treasure in an adjacent tile is always indicated by a king.
  • If a tile has multiple pieces, remember that each piece is always pointing to a different treasure.
  • If there are too many pieces on the board, try to find the relevant ones first.

How To Participlate

Follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram and look for puzzles daily.

Send in a mail with the subject “Xcavate Puzzle Subscribe” to support@greyinteractive.in, no need to write anything in the mail.

We  post one puzzle in the morning and one in the evening.

How to tweet/post your answer

Tweet/post/comment your answer as -, e.g. A-5 or B-3, the row and column names are indicated in the top and left sides of the board. The naming is similar to spreadsheet row and column naming.


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